Moving in a New House

You are now ready to move into your new house. But before you start unpacking your belongings and boxes in your new house, remember the following points:

  • Carefully inspect the house, buildings and services. Set priorities regarding the work to be done immediately and those that can wait. You may want to borrow even a little more under your mortgage to cover this work and maintenance costs. บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน
  • Go through the local directories to make a list of house tradesman that are likely to be required for any immediate work required. Talk to neighbors and ask if they can offer advice. This can be a good way of introducing your self to other people in the vicinity of your house.
  • Make sure to purchase the equipment needed in an emergency. An air compressor, generator and equipment for protection against fire are absolutely necessary.
  • If you have children of school age who will take the bus to school, plan to build them a shelter to protect them from weather. Work out all the necessary public transport routes for your children to get to school successfully. Again, ask neighbors for local buses and other forms of transport and the most efficient way of getting around your new area.
  • If you anticipate needing specialized postal or courier services, and that is impossible, make the necessary arrangements with a company’s corner office or position.
  • Meet with your neighbors. Take a quick tour around your local street and introduce yourself and your family. This will create not only a support network if needed, but you develop a sense of community. This is useful if you run into any un-expected difficulties in your new house.
  • Get to know the local amenities of the area around your house. Find out where the local convenience stores and shops are located and where the local community gathers.
  • Learn from experts on improvements to schedules so that they meet the safety standards of the state.

Making a move into a new house is not an easy job, but with some careful planning and common sense thinking, you can make the move to your new house as easy as possible


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